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This fun new video-based, screen game challenges students to listen closely to a strange sound and choose from three given 3 options what is making that sound. If they choose correctly—or should we say, guess correctly since the noisemakers are obscure—they win!

Here are some great ways to play Name That Sound:

Two contestants (or two teams) face off at the front of the room to see who can correctly guess the sound.

Everyone Plays
Designate 3 areas in your room (area A, area B, and area C). Play the sound clip and have students move to the area that they think is the correct answer.

This game includes:
• Video Slides (1920 x1080)
o Title Motion
o 8 Gameplay Videos (Question and Answer)
• Title Slide (JPEG)

For other great resources by The DYM Team, ( click here)

Name That Sound Game

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What in the world is that bizarre sound?!
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Love this!
Students loved this game! Hope they come up with a 2.0!
Fantastic Game!
This game is worth the money at $5. I hope this is one there is a sequel too. It's fantastic large group game if you break into teams or small groups. Highly recommend this one!

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