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Each message in this three-week series, explores one of Jesus’ miracles in the book John.
Jesus performed many miracles in His earthly ministry. This three-week series takes a look at three of those miracles where Jesus reveals His divine power through supernatural actions.

These three miracles defied the natural order of the physical world. Jesus did not perform them to show off, but to increase the faith of those who were closest to Him, and to provide for those who were seeking. These miracles were more than just amazing stories of Jesus to read. They are a call to action and encouragement for the faith of those who call themselves Christ-followers.

Week 1 “Water into Wine”
Week 2 “Feeding the 5,000”
Week 3 “Walking on Water”

• Annotated, detailed outlines for each week (Word files) [note: not word-for-word manuscript]
• Each outline includes small group discussion questions
• Title slide (jpeg file)

Additional Information

Author Scott Huff

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