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Letters Bundle Volume 3 gives you even more proven letter templates ready to make an impact! Don't let the mental fatigue of writing a well-worded and persuasive letter drain you. This bundle gives you 19 proven letter templates to students ready to go.

  • Letter to new believer
  • First time guest letter
  • Rising 9th grade letter
  • Letter to inactive students
  • Baptism letter
  • Salvation letter
  • Scholarship recommendation
  • Congrats on making the newspaper
  • Letter of blessing for 16th birthday
  • Congrats on your accomplishment
  • Congrats on winning
  • Congrats on college acceptance
  • College recommendation
  • Eagle Scout recommendation
  • Answering your questions
  • Letters Bundle: Volume 3

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    19 proven letter templates to students...

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    Too situation specific
    The concept of having a letter for every situation is great. I was excited to come across a package which I thought would have templates for common situations youth pastors would encounter. After I purchased and downloaded it, I was very disapointed. These were documents tailored entirely to one particular youth ministry context. Much of the content was concerning the events at one particular church. It is not very readily adaptable to other contexts. I found myself having to rewrite everything, and thus defeating the purpose of a usable template.

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