Ice Burglar

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Ice Burglar


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Quick Overview

A video-based guessing game, much like a live version of 'Old Maid.' Super clever & creates a lot of audience participation.
Start by placing five chairs in a row on stage and get five volunteers from the crowd. Each chair is represented by an iceberg on the screen. A five-second countdown will be revealed on-screen and the selected students will need to choose a seat within that five-second timeframe from among the five chairs. When the timer hits zero, all the icebergs will be revealed for what they truly are beneath the surface. Whoever ended up in the seat represented by "The Ice Burglar" is OUT and must be replaced with a different player from the crowd. As the rounds progress, there will be more than one "Ice Burglar" character thrown into the game to ensure that students are regularly replaced. The game is designed to have a winner at the end of five rounds but can be lengthened or shortened as you see fit.

Gameplay Options:

• (Version 1) Have five participants compete against each other

• (Version 2) Have five teams compete by sending one tribute each round.

• (Version 3) Play a crowd game where it's "every man for himself."

This Resource Includes:
• 3 different games with different outcomes so that you can play this game more than once (.mov files)
• 5 Ice Drop Videos per game (.mov files)
• Title slide (.jpeg file)
• PowerPoint version
• Gameplay Instructions (PDF)

Additional Information

Author Brock Odell , John Lindsey