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Imagine that your youth group was given a cat to take care imagine that to keep this cat alive, your group would have to make some pretty ridiculous decisions when faced with even more ridiculous circumstances. Dead Cat is a video-based game in which your students get to choose their own adventure based on the choices that they make. Think of this game as a Tamagotchi for the modern age mixed with a “choose your own adventure” style game. The fate of this cat is entirely up to you and your students.

The game has been designed in a way that it could be played slowly, over 2 months or completed it in one sitting… the choice is yours.

Each round (10 rounds total), your group will be faced with a multiple-choice decision that directly effects the fate of your newfound pet cat. Make the right decision and your group will progress through the game...make the wrong decision and you’ve got a “Dead Cat.” You are allowed to use 1 Extra Life Card along the way...but only 1. *You will find the “extra life card” (video) at the bottom of your slides and ProPresenter files. Dead Cat is a unique game because it is entirely run and explained by an on-screen narrator. (While we feel that the narrator pretty clearly explains the rules of the game, it would be helpful to have someone that you trust running your ProPresenter.) Every round, there are four possible answers that your students can choose from and each of these options is represented by a different color (Blue, Orange, Pink, Green). After each question, someone will need to ask the crowd which choice they intend to pick in order to progress through the game.

1)  If at any point, your students LOSE a round, the game must be stopped until the next youth group get-together. We believe that Dead Cat is the perfect “retreat style” game. One of our favorite ways to play this game is to have this game span over a period of time (a whole weekend, a few weeks, even a whole month).

2)  Another great way to play Dead Cat is called “Nine Lives.” This gameplay option lends itself to be played in one sitting (probably will take around 20-30 minutes). In this version, your students have Nine Lives to get to the end of the game. If they fail...whelp, then it’s game over for them.

This resource includes:
• 40+ Narrated videos
• Instruction sheet complete with game play options
• A ‘How To Play the Game’ Training Video from the authors
• Title Slide (.jpg)

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Dead Cat

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FINALLY AVAILABLE FOR NON-MEMBERS! A modern-day video-based Tamagotchi game: the fate of this cat is entirely in the hands of you and your students.

Regular Price: $25.00

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Brock O'Dell is a middle school pastor based out of a local church in Louisville, KY. Brock and his co-author, John Lindsey, are passionate about raising up the next generation of kingdom workers AND resourcing other youth pastors with creative program elements who have a similar aim.

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Teens in tears!
Everyone loved this game! Very well thought out! We have been playing each week until we inevitably kill the cat. Everyone is dying laughing as we play this game ... except for the one die-hard cat-lover in our group who is in tears at the thought of dead cats..... But, you can't win them all!
Amazing game for the entire group, even cat lovers.
Students Call Me Juicy J (and Jeremy already reviewed this)5/22/2017
Our group loved this game! A choose-your-destiny adventure game where students get drawn in to keep your cat (ours named Thaddeus III) alive. Super well made, exciting and totally random.
We had students vote two ways - electoral college style (because if we can elect our president that way, we can take care of a cat that way) through small groups (we sit at tables together) OR using to text in (or use an app) to choose an answer by popular vote. Both worked great! We chose to use electoral college style more often because some students don't have phones.

Overall, awesome game. We gave ice cream to students if they could keep Thaddeus III alive by the end of a series we did. They did. It was a hit.
GREAT addition to our weekend youth retreat!
I just used this game as a guest speaker for a youth retreat and it was a HUGE hit and quickly got the teens connected with me. Thank you for it!
Awesome game!!!
My youth group (and I) loved this game! We would do a couple rounds each week just to stretch it out. The kids would beg me to keep going, but I would insist they come back the next week to continue the game. I certainly hope that DYM is working on Dead Cat 2 because we REALLY want a sequel!
Wow, what can I say ... my kids LOVED IT!
This was an amazing (free) resource that had my kids super pumped up for youth group for several weeks. It may have taken us 6 weeks to complete it and I may have let them revive their cat an extra time because they were super excited to finally beat it. Either way this was a super smash hit! I think the current price is fair for the value it brings, but I got it for free so what can I say, being a DYM member has its perks!
Hope they do more games like this! (wink wink, hint hint)
Seriously, this game is amazing! My Jr Highers and High Schoolers BOTH really enjoyed playing Dead Cat. It is super easy to setup & run for a leader. Have your students & leaders take a vote on the options (you could also set up a live text poll), and see how long you can keep your Cat alive!
I really hope they come up with more similar games. What a fantastic Youth Game!
Hilarious and Fun
This game is going to have lasted me a month and the students have loved it!

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