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This message has the potential to equip your student with the first steps to truly changing their world!

In this one-off message, you will break down what it truly means to be the church, how the Holy Spirit empowers students, and how they should be moved to action.

Key Verses: Isaiah 61:1, Acts 1:8, John 10:10, 1 Peter 1:18, Joshua 1:5-6

This Resource Includes:
• Complete message manuscript (Word file)
• Media package with presentation, Instagram, and title slides (jpeg files) and “difference” videos (mp4 files)


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A One-off message about being empowered for change.
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Sam is married to his best friend Apryl, but he tends to call her wifey-fo-lifey. He has a daughter and a son on the way. Sam has worked with almost every denomination imaginable as a speaker, writer, film maker, and curriculum developer and is passionate about students serving and developing adult leaders.

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