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Help your students overcome the baggage in their lives to free them to truly serve Jesus.

This is a one-off message that would be perfect for a kickoff event or special gathering. Using actual bags (and lots of them) you will take your students through their "baggage journey." You will help them realize they have baggage but Jesus isn't intimidated by it. In fact, He wants them to give Him their baggage to free them up to serve Him faithfully and freely.

This Resource Includes:
• Complete message manuscript (Word file) with excellent leader [teaching tip] notes

Baggage Claim

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In this one-off message, help your students give their baggage up to Jesus.
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Philip is a student pastor in Northeast Indiana. He loves to write, blog, play music, workout, and develop future leaders. He also helps with leadership and vision at his church and preaches quite a bit. His favorite sport is Professional Bull Riding.

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