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This is called a GREAT DEAL on DYM (well, actually, everything is a great deal…but, this is killer example of a GREAT deal)—this resource includes a highly customizable 4x6 ministry calendar that can easily be branded for your student ministry.

- Microsoft Word Template (With customizable colors)
- Adobe Photoshop Template (Adobe software or equivalent required for access)
- Detailed tutorials on using Photoshop template (Word files)

4x6 Abstract Calendars

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Create your own 4x6 ministry calendars with these customizable templates.
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Cooper is the high school pastor at The Bridge Bible Church in Bakersfield, CA. Him and his wife just recently welcomed their daughter, Eloise, into the world. Cooper loves the opportunity to use his design abilities to serve other student pastors around the world.

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To Hard to Figure Out
Maybe it is me, but I was excited about this product and found it very user unfriendly. When I finally got everything figured out (or so I thought) it ran into printing problems. After spending 2 hours and finding it wouldn't print correctly, I gave up. Might need to go back to the drawing board. and Value, Quality and Price are the wrong questions to ask. If the product worked, all three of these measures would be high stars.

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