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  • Check out the Studennt Leadership Conference with Doug Fields
  • Get the Bait and Switch Of Hooking Up eBook now!
  • Study Like A Boss
    A fun video to encourage your students' study habits
  • Summer Events Posters
    Three beautiful customizable flyers and posters to advertise your summer events and calendar.
  • Keep Calm and Read Your Bible
    In this complete five-week resource package, you won’t just tell students to read the Bible, you’ll show them how to do it!
  • The Missing Link – Vol. 3 – Celebrity Edition
    Volume 3 is the Celebrity Edition of this PowerPoint-based screen game where you find the missing word to link two phrases together.
  • Rhythms Prayer Journal for Students
    A 40-day prayer journal for students to work through.
  • Will It Burn?
    Epic video-driven game where objects get lit on fire! What could be better?
  • Old Test-Emoji 2
    The screen game sequel to the VERY POPULAR Old Test-Emoji 1
  • Emoji Charades Volume 2
    Contestants face off to guess the Emoji charade the crowd is trying to act out.
  • Eternal Wisdom by Lawrence Bragg
    5 short, humorous observations on life as seen by Lawrence Bragg
  • Mentor Me: A Conversation With Josh Griffin
    A conversation between Doug Fields and Josh Griffin about transitions, hearing God’s voice, and leaving well.
  • Picture Puzzles
    In this very creative screen game, students view a series of images and try to guess the name, product, song, or phrase.
  • Celebrity Face Swap
    See if you can identify the pair of celebrities while their faces have been swapped.
  • Trump or Animal Game
    Go ahead ... try to tell the difference!
  • Hair Drop! Game
    Leave your students hanging in suspense as bald celebrities wonder if their floating hair will ever come back home!
  • Will It Burn Vol 1-3 Bundle
    Get all three HOT games. More fire! More fun!


    Special Price $11.00

  • 12 in 12
    Students must remember all of the items shown on the screen in 12…11…10…
  • senior-super-pack
    Everything you need to help grads get to the finish line & beyond! Now with 3 New and 2 Improved Pieces!


    Special Price $29.00

Doug Fields & Josh Griffin Demo the New DYM Games App

Doug and I had so much fun demoing the new DYM Games app - available now as part of the DYM Membership. Have you checked out all this thing can do? And we're just getting started! You'll be amazed at how an old guy (that's Doug) can easily navigate this thing. CONTINUE READING
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