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  • Believe Film
  • Get the Bait and Switch Of Hooking Up eBook now!
  • Jeremiah or Justin? Youth Group Game
    A screen game that has been 2600 years in the making!
  • Seven Games Seven Bucks Bundle
    7 screen-based games in one bundle from DYM’s (other) dynamic duo for just $7. That’s almost like $1 per game!


    Special Price $7.00

  • Unashamed
    A 3-week series (message outlines) on how Christ-followers should live a life that is unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus.
  • Babble: Books of the Bible Edition
    Played like Scrabble, participants unscramble the tiles on the screen to identify the correct book of the Bible.
  • Bronze Membership - Monthly
    EIGHT new resources delivered to your digital doorstep on the first of every month!
  • Emoji Charades Vol 3
    A new set of emojis to use in this edition of the bestselling upfront game. Get the students up and acting and laughing.
  • Who Gets Paid More? Sports
    A screen-based game where participants must guess which sport star gets paid more.
  • What If?
    A ridiculously fun game of scenarios that makes no sense and has no correct answers!
  • Will It Burn? Football Edition
    Sports gear and an open flame?! A DYM Staff Favorite is back! Just in time for the biggest game of the NFL season!
  • Slogan Showdown
    A screen-based game that tests your students’ knowledge of brands and their slogans.
  • Survivor: Which is More Helpful?
    Put your students’ survival knowledge to the test in this very creative, hyper-competitive game that will get kids talking.
  • Spattergories
    Kinda like the board game called Scattergories! This is a screen-based game for quick single answers, or a spirited back and forth.
  • Gold Membership - Yearly
    EIGHT new resources, $20 store credit AND unlimited access to DYM Games Builder for ONE YEAR!
  • Abe or Abe?
    Try to match the facts with the Abraham Lincoln or Abraham from the Bible.
  • Stand Strong
    A three-week sermon and small group series on 1 Peter designed around Peter’s call for Christians to stand strong in the face of trials and temptations.
  • Video Training: Caring For Students in Their Struggles with Katie Edwards
    20+ year Junior High Pastor from Saddleback Church – Katie Edwards – on caring for hurting kids
  • Silver Membership - Monthly
    EIGHT new resources AND $20 store credit every month!
  • DYM Games Membership - Monthly
    Unlimited access to a growing digital library of engaging, reusable, customizable games.
  • Over Under Equal - Kickstarter Edition
    This very funny screen game puts the FUN in CrowdFUNding.