• New Call-to-action
  • Captive
  • Scripturegrams
    Ready-to-post Instagram-ready artistic photos of Bible verses.

    It’s so easy for us to give into the tendency to use leadership to benefit ourselves. Use this lesson to help your students realize this and learn from examples of servant leadership to model our leadership after.

  • What If Video

    This video is a powerful charge for students to answer the question, “What if this year thing were different?”

  • Almost Famous
    One-off message about Nebuchadnezzar and our pursuit of fame.
  • Hashtag Battle 3
    Hashtag Battle 3 is a sequel to a popular game where students are shown two hashtags and must guess which has been used most on Instagram.
  • Celebrity Feud
    "Celebrity Feud” is a screen game that asks, “Why were they fighting?"
  • One Word Plotlines
    In this screen game, participants will try to guess movie titles after viewing five or fewer word hints.
  • Eat Mor Chikin Trivia
    Multiple choice trivia screen game about the company that invented the Chicken Sandwich!
  • Go-Kart Christianity
    A 1-off message on winning the race of life.
  • In Other News…Halloween Edition
    A Halloween-themed screen game that tests participants knowledge of what other events have happened on October 31st.
  • Fast Stack
    Grab some Solo cups and have a blast with this game!
  • Unity Devotionals
    Six student devotionals focusing on building unity.
  • Woodlawn Youth Group Kit
    Talk about the film & challenge students to start their Jesus Movement ...
  • The Shell Game

    YEP. We have just brought the most entertaining part of any professional baseball game straight to your youth room “megatron” to play with your students! (“kiss cam” game coming soon!)


  • This Way or That Way 3
    The 3rd installment in this screen game series, with more slides to get your students moving.
  • Squad Goals
    3-week series on friendship, family and God in your squad!
  • How Old Are Your Toys? Vol 2
    The sequel to the original Powerpoint-based game where students guess the year some classic toys were introduced to the marketplace.
  • Badly Explained: Movie Plots
    Good luck trying to guess the movie titles in this screen game full of badly explained movie plots!

3 "Non-Church" Books That Impacted My Leadership

One of the best things you can be doing for your ministry is read. Yes, you need to read the Bible, I'm assuming you already have an established quiet time. I know it can be really easy to grab the latest pastor's book (I just finished Brian Houston's "Live, Love, Lead", which I recommend) but some of the books that have really helped me shape how I lead and how I look at my own leadership and leading a team are ones not by people in ministry or work in a church. I think sometimes... CONTINUE READING
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