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  • Check out the Studennt Leadership Conference with Doug Fields
  • Get the Bait and Switch Of Hooking Up eBook now!
  • March Map-ness Game
    Do you know where Clemson is located? How about Georgetown?
  • Baseball Trivia
    Test your students' knowledge of America's Pastime with this trivia screen game!
  • senior-super-pack
    Everything you need to help grads get to the finish line & beyond! Now with 3 New and 2 Improved Pieces!


    Special Price $29.00

  • Identity Crisis
    In this screen game, students guess the secret identities of popular super heroes.
  • Name That Tune: 1980's
    A PowerPoint screen game where students attempt to identify a wide range of classic 1980s songs from that their partner is humming... while gargling water.
  • Senior Gallery
    The greatest event you will ever do for your graduating seniors.
  • Impossibler 4 Corner Trivia
    In the sequel to the original Impossible 4 Corner Trivia game, these impossibler questions will stump your students and leave them guessing.
  • Parent Super Pack
    Nine amazing resources all bundled together to help you partner with parents and save you time and money.


    Special Price $25.00

  • Ready to Go Instagrams - Volume 3
    20 NEW ready to post “Instagram Inspirations” for you to use in your ministry's Instagram, Twitter, or FaceBook feeds.
  • VIDEO: I Am…We Are…We Can…
    A video filled with scripture on who God says He is, who He says We are, and, in light of these truths, how we are invited to live.
  • Old Test-Emoji
    Beach. Man and woman. Snake. Apple. Skull. Can you name the Old Testament story told by these emojis?
  • DYM's Blue Flame Science Kit
    Teach your kids Science while enjoying lighting farts on fire!


    Special Price $29.95

  • 12 in 12
    Students must remember all of the items shown on the screen in 12…11…10…
  • Batman or Superman?
    In this screen game, Superhero-ey questions are asked and the answer is either Batman or Superman.
  • Be Strong and Courageous
    A sermon to inspire graduates at your graduation service or event
  • Praise Hands
    We all use different body positions during worship time. Let’s call them out and turn it into a game!
  • Over, Under or Equal - Volume 2
    It's the sequel to the screen game that's all about the number. But please, no wagering.
  • Know it or Throw it: March Madness Edition
    Let the March Madness begin… at youth group! Enjoyable for students with any level of basketball knowledge.
  • The Missing Link – Vol. 3 – Celebrity Edition
    Volume 3 is the Celebrity Edition of this PowerPoint-based screen game where you find the missing word to link two phrases together.
  • Scripturegrams - Volume 2
    More ready-to-post artistic Bible verses.
  • The Mission Trip Organizer
    Everything you need to plan, run, train, and organize your own mission trip.
  • Not So Superhero Game
    Students guess if the odd superhero is real or fake.
  • MENTOR ME: A Conversation with Neely McQueen
    A conversation with veteran youth worker Neely McQueen on ministering to students of the opposite gender.
  • High School Graduation Celebration
    Essentials to plan an event to honor your graduates
  • Summer Events Posters
    Three beautiful customizable flyers and posters to advertise your summer events and calendar.
    Is the item in the picture adorable or edible?!
  • #SorryNotSorry
    A one-off sermon from Romans (1:16-17, and 8:12-17) about how “God does not want his children to apologize for Him. He wants His children to obey Him, and He promises that it will be worth it.”
  • Blurred Celebrity
    A fun and simple screen game where a celebrity is blurred out and students have to guess who it is.
  • Picture Puzzles
    In this very creative screen game, students view a series of images and try to guess the name, product, song, or phrase.
  • Keep Calm and Read Your Bible
    In this complete five-week resource package, you won’t just tell students to read the Bible, you’ll show them how to do it!
  • Cool Guy
    A 3-week teaching series on how to be both Christian and confident.
  • Home Sweet Home
    In this screen game, students will try to correctly identify the cartoon series by seeing the characters’ famous houses.
  • Social Media Images for Everyone's Favorite Holidays
    Done-for-You images and captions to post on social media!
  • God's Not Dead 2 Official Movie Discussion Guide
    He's surely alive!
  • Rhythms Prayer Journal for Students
    A 40-day prayer journal for students to work through.
  • Gradstagrams - Volume 2
    25 more ready-to-go inspirations for high school seniors and college students
  • STUDENT LEADERSHIP Leaders Aren’t Alone
    Help your students combat the loneliness many leaders face and offer alternatives to a “Just let me do it!” leadership style.
  • Superhero Devotional (the Sequel)
    30-day devotional for students using superheroes as the focus. With great power comes great responsibility!
  • But As For Me
    A complete night of programming to send off your seniors with a challenge from Joshua 24 that they wont forget.
  • Chihuahua or Muffin
    How fast can you figure out if the picture in this screen game is a Chihuahua or muffin?
  • Viva: One Another
    4 weeks of curriculum on key “one anothers”…love, honor, encourage, and carry one another's burdens
  • The Baton
    A “big church” one-off message ideal for grad weekend
  • College Courses - Real or Fake
    A surprising and hilarious screen game where students attempt to determine if the titles of college courses are real or fake.
  • Celebrity Face Swap
    See if you can identify the pair of celebrities while their faces have been swapped.
  • Name That Tune: 1990's
    A screen game where students attempt to identify a wide range of classic 1990s songs from that their partner is humming... while gargling water.
  • Breaking the Law
    A screen game that tests participants’ knowledge of weird U.S. state laws.

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