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Matt McGill is one of the funniest youth workers on the planet. Want us to prove it? Look no further! Get your students laughing (or grossed out) at the sight of Matt perfecting his perfectly toned body and fierce dedication to his craft. These 3 videos are sure to become cult classics in your youth ministry:

Matt McGill: Soccer
Your students are into soccer? Watch McGill teach them the ways of the goalkeeper.
Matt McGill: Swimming
Take some laps with Matt McGill, swimming instructor extraordinaire.
Matt McGill is Santa!
This video is here to brighten your holidays and give you another holiday option to make your students laugh.

Matt McGill Sports Instructional Videos! Classic Edition

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3 classic & hilarious sports videos

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Matt McGill


Husband, father, director of discipleship resources for Living On The Edge, youth ministry leadership coach, volunteer small group leader, Co-founder of download youth ministry

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