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Tangents Welcome Video

What do ostriches, pennies, and birthdays have in common? Well, nothing really…but they’re loosely linked in this beautifully illustrated welcome video.

Find 2 Video

A 4-pack of video-driven mixers to help your students get up, moving around, and talking to one another.

Bad Joke of the Day: Volume 4

Students come up on stage and share their bad joke of the day.

Would You Rather Video

Five fun, conversation-starting Would You Rather questions asked via video.

Fortnite Dance Party

This video-guided dance party will get your entire group dancing to a series of Fortnite dance moves. The moves start off slow but builder faster and faster. This game is great for an opener and a way to create a fun, group memory!

3 Countdown Videos Bundle

A set of countdowns to grab attention, engage the room, and create conversation.

Simon Says: False Facts

Using YouTube fails in this video resource, Simon counts down to the start of your program with False Facts about leaders in your church! (Changing names for privacy reasons, of course.)

Pick Up Lines with That Guy

10 hilarious pick-up line videos from "that guy she told you not to worry about."

Pizza Countdown

The perfect countdown clock to prepare your students for an amazing pizza party!

Forever Filter Video

Say goodbye to time-consuming social media filters with Forever Filter!

The Church Camp Creep

The Church Camp Creep is an original hip/hop dance slide music video designed to get students pumped about going to and being at church camp.

Don't Be a Monkey Rule Videos

Don't let your students be monkeys. Instead, show them the better way in these four video clips that can be used during your meeting announcement time.

Texting With Parents Video

A quick, humorous look at the communication breakdown that can happen between parents and kids via text.

Bad Joke of the Day Volume 3

Back and as bad as ever--another 30 terrible jokes to share with your youth group told through a series of beautifully-designed video clips.

Mind-Blowing Epiphanies Video

Do you want your students to grow in knowledge and wisdom? Well, this 3-minute video may not make them smarter or help them make better deci-sions, but it will make them laugh…

Christmas Background 12-Pack

12 fun Christmas-themed backgrounds to use during your Youth night(s) lead-ing up to Christmas.

October National Holiday Instagrams

Stay engaged with your students throughout the month by celebrating all the different "National Holidays" of the month!

PSA: Be Cool to Your Youth Pastor

A short, humorous video about why students should be nice to their youth pastor.

Simon Says Intro Video: Episode 1

A countdown intro video/game/attention grabber to begin a service.

Magic Countdown Video 2

An amazing countdown video that will engage your students and leave them guessing!

Back to School Countdown Video

A short video filled with facts to help countdown to the start of your program—and the school year!

Bad News

A classic humor segment of “Bad News” headlines will keep everyone laughing.

Bob Thatch’s Summer Tips Video

6 quick, inexpensive (and hilarious) tips to help students make the most of your summer.

Eternal Wisdom by Lawrence Bragg

5 short, humorous observations on life as seen by Lawrence Bragg

Bad Joke of the Day: Volume 2

Back by popular demand--another 30 bad jokes to share with your youth group! Terrible jokes told through a series of beautifully designed video clips.

Introducing Hinder!

The revolutionary new way to stop sinning.


A package of Instagram-ready images, because there aren't enough Cat Memes on the Web.

The Bae

Are you tired of begging your mirror to show you the fairest of them all? LOOK NO FURTHER.

Bad Joke of the Day

Have you been looking for a way to tell bad jokes at youth group on a regular basis? Look no further—here’s 30 of them on a video loop.

Shake n Bake Turkey Countdown Video



Quirky, fun, one-minute welcome video that you could show every week.

Top 5 Ways To Be The Perfect Date

A funny narrated countdown of the top 5 ways to be the perfect date

Countdown Video feat. Party Llama

Regular Price: $6.25

Special Price $0.00

This is probably the most epic countdown video we've created.


Fun video... you may never shave again!

Skydiving Banana

Funny video your students won't soon forget...

Study Like A Boss

A fun video to encourage your students' study habits


Hilarious parody advertisement video

Matt McGill Sports Instructional Videos! Classic Edition

3 classic & hilarious sports videos

Matt McGill Olympic Champion Videos

Regular Price: $5.00

Special Price $1.00

3 classic & hilarious sports videos
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39 Item(s)
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Free Ebook by Doug Fields

There are plenty of people who are grateful that you do what you do. Your students are, their families are, and your church is, even though they may not say it often enough. I want to say thanks on behalf of them, and model the way we need to be saying thanks to the leaders that serve alongside us—in ten different ways—through this ebook.

Thank YOU!