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Doug's notes: Super clever. This would have taken me 50 hours to create. Thanks for sharing your creativity Clark and making something I can use.

Use "augmented reality" (think Pokemon Go) to find the clues and escape! This all-inclusive kit is perfect for your next outreach event or lock-in. Use the customizable theme (or use your own theme with accompanying videos) to help students have a blast and connect with your ministry.

We've all heard of "escape rooms" but they aren't practical with a large group. With the Ultimate Escape Room Experience, students will divide up into teams of 6-7 students and utilize your entire building or campus! With provided clues (found with an augmented reality app that's free to download), teams have to work together to solve the puzzles, move from room to room, and escape!

Note: In response to reviews, this product has been updated for 2019 with improved instructions on how to use the AP Reveal App successfully!

This Resource Includes:
• Gameplay instructions document (Word file) provides an extensive "how to" guide for set-up, how to use the augmented reality app, FAQ and more.
• Flow chart example document (Word file) for the experience (what rooms students go to and when)
• Print-outs for selfie pictures (jpeg files)
- We made it through the experience
- We almost made it
• HD social media promotional images (jpeg and psd files)
• HD video clue examples (mp4 files)
• Promo video (mp4 file)

Note from the Author

Download HPReveal app and get very familiar with it many weeks in advance. Clue videos must be recorded on your phone from a computer or iPad and then uploaded to HP Reveal. Some clue videos that are short (a sentence) can be shown as an image off your phone and uploaded to HP Reveal if you wish. As of August 2019, I reviewed the HP Reveal App and found it to be even better than when the resource was first published! I had zero problems scanning objects and creating overlays. It did not crash or lag at all. I did look for an alternative app (not that this game needs one) and could not find one for free that matches what HP Reveal can do. I wrote updated and detailed instructions on how to scan objects and create associated overlays. I also updated the supply list with pertinent links.

Ultimate Escape Room

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Use augmented reality, team up with your friends, and solve the clues in the Ultimate Escape Room Experience.
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Clark Chilton

Howdy! My name is Clark and I have been in youth ministry since 2003. I've served in a variety of mega-church and UMC contexts and have been at my current church since 2008. I have an MDIV from Gordon-Conwell Seminary and have been an ordained Deacon in the UMC since 2016. I have also worked at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association from 2005-2008. My heart is to be faithful and see all people come to a living relationship with Jesus Christ. My prayer is that any work I produce will help make that a reality in a student's life. Thanks for visiting today!

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