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Spiritual Growth

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We Don't Talk Anymore

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A three-week series designed to help students "join the conversation" with God through prayer and other means.

Live It Out: A Bible Miniseries

A two-week series to help students unpack God’s Word, and put it into practice in their lives.

The Value of Work

A one-off message on the value of work.

Matthew: Discover the Kingdom Series - Creative Elements

Matthew: Discover the Kingdom Series - Creative Elements is a one-stop shop for all your creative needs to write your own messages and create a powerful four-week series.

No Fear

One-off message discussing the power of God connected to our fears. Also includes game & small group questions.

Baptism Preparation Pack

This resource provides everything you need to prepare you students to be baptized.

Keep It Real

This 4-part teaching series will challenge students to pursue the real life God has for them.


A four-week series looking at spiritual disciplines that help us unplug from worldly distractions and plug into Jesus.


One-off message about helping students STANDOUT in their faith and not fit in.

Rooted Series: Creative Elements

The makings of a four-week series about how to grow in Christ. This is a collection of done-for-you graphic design, video and series starter that will be sure to create an impression for your audience.

Disciples: Sin

In this video curriculum lesson, students will understand the destructive nature of sin, knowing that sin is more than bad choices or mistakes, but a brokenness that cannot be escaped.

Disciples: Holiness

In this video curriculum lesson, students will know that holiness is not dependent on our actions but made possible through faith in Jesus Christ.

Disciples: Sanctification

In this video curriculum lesson students will understand the process of sanctification and God’s desire to engage with us in this process.

Disciples: Identity in Christ

In this video curriculum lesson, students will know that their identity in Christ is not defined by their sin or the world around them.

Disciples: Worship

In this video curriculum lesson, students will know that worship is more than a set of rituals. Worship is an expression of love to God in response to His goodness.

High 5

A five-week series looking at five key character traits that the Bible urges us to develop.

Tongue Trivia: Twisted Trivia about our Tasteful Tongue

This is a great twisted trivia screen game about our tasteful tongue.


A two-week series on the Parable of the Lost Son from Luke 15 that focuses on how we are all like both sons in the story.


A three-week SUPER SERIES exploring what it is that students truly CRAVE.

How Much Do You Know About Easter?

A fun and challenging multiple choice trivia screen game about Easter that mixes church and culture together.

Beauty and a Feast

This easy-to-prepare, one-off message is about the parable of the Great Feast (while using Beauty and the Beast references).


Each message in this three-week series, explores one of Jesus’ miracles in the book John.

For God So Loved the World... Stations of the Cross

The message of Easter is often sugar-coated and meaningless. But Jesus death and resurrection is more than a neat story. Help your students experience it... with Him… in this station of the cross resource.


A four-week series about standing up for Christ when the world tells us to sit down and shut up.


A one-off message to challenge students to seek Jesus when it feels like they are being crushed by life.

Tribe of the One

A 3-week series focusing on community based on Hebrews

Known: Discovering Our Identity in Christ

A 4-week series on our identity, value, and purpose in Christ.

Shadow of Doubt

In this two-week message series, help students face and struggle through their doubts.

28 Days of Love Devotional

A 28-day devotional journey of love for God and neighbor.

God’s Word on Love Devotional

A reproducible 28-day devotional for your students to discover God’s definition of love.

Prayer and Praise - Fruit

A 9-week devotional series to help students grow in the fruit of the Spirit.


A 5-week series through Romans, understanding the problem of mankind and the hope that is found in Jesus.

Baggage Claim

In this one-off message, help your students give their baggage up to Jesus.


A 3-week small group curriculum about a little-known minor prophet named Habakkuk and his relevance for us today.


A five-week series on the basic truths of the biblical narrative.


In this one-off message, teach your students how not to be a worrywart.


A two-week series looking at how we can know for sure that we have a relationship with Christ.

Jesus' Jacked-Up Genealogy

A one-off message focusing on the genealogy of Jesus found in Matthew—just because something is bad from your past doesn’t mean it will be in your future!

Mission: God's Mission, Our Calling

A 6-week small group curriculum about God's mission on earth and our role in that mission.

The Gospel Life

A four-week series on how the gospel should completely change everything in our lives.
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Items 161 to 200 of 293 total
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Free Ebook by Doug Fields

There are plenty of people who are grateful that you do what you do. Your students are, their families are, and your church is, even though they may not say it often enough. I want to say thanks on behalf of them, and model the way we need to be saying thanks to the leaders that serve alongside us—in ten different ways—through this ebook.

Thank YOU!