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Big Game Sunday... one of the greatest days of the year. And what is every student's favorite part of the night? (Definitely not the game.) It's the commercials! In this video-based screen game, students will answer trivia questions about 10 (church-appropriate) commercials from The 2016 and 2017 Big Games. Each video is cropped into a vintage style TV set and is followed by two questions and answers about the clip. Contestants must pay close attention to the videos, because some of the questions may be pretty difficult!

How to Play:
Get 2-4 Contestants on stage and set-up a table, stool or music stand with a buzzer between them. First person to buzz in with the correct answer wins.

Create teams of 4-6 and gather them on one side of a room. Each team will select one student per round to be the designated "runner" to come and give the answers. (The whole team can discuss the answer, but only the runner can come and give the answer.) After the video is played and the question is shown on screen, the runner then will run the length of the room to the designated point person (preferably you and/or an adult volunteer) and answer the question. The first person to make it to the point person and give the correct answer gets the point. The team with the most answers at the end of the game wins.

This Resource Includes: • 10 Super Bowl Ads (all from YouTube)
• 20 Question & Answer Slides
• Blank Slide to create your own Question
• Green Screen Vintage TV to overlay on your own videos/commercials

Televise This

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Love the commercials played during The Big Game? In this video-based screen game, students will answer trivia questions about 10 (church appropriate) commercials from The 2016 and 2017 Big Games.
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