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“Masks We Wear” is an all inclusive, 3-week teaching series that is centered around identity. Each week, your students will look at a different mask that they tend to put on, holding them back from freedom in Christ and living the identity he has placed on them. This series dismantles each mask and replaces it with gospel truth about our identities, using plenty of Scripture.

Mask #1: “I’m Fine” looks at how students hide what is really going in their lives for self-protection. The gospel truth is that we all are “not fine” and need a Savior. Bottom line: “Hiding doesn’t help, but freedom is found in surrender.”

Mask #2: “Chameleon” analyzes how we change things about ourselves depending on the circumstance, location, or people we are with in order to be liked. This message is about how we actually are all hypocrites, and that is why we need the gospel of Jesus. Bottom line: “Pleasing people is pointless; pleasing God gives you power.”

Mask #3: “Labels” dissects the three ways in which labels hinder us from full life in Christ: 1) We let others label us. 2) We label ourselves. 3) We label others. Each of these efforts to find our identities are ultimately dissatisfying. The gospel truth and bottom line is: “Only God gets to say who you are!”

Note: This series also has a "one off" option in which all three masks are in one message. It's perfect for a Halloween message, or if you feel prompted to plug another identity talk into your teaching plan.

This Resource Includes:
• A series overview document
• 4 teaching manuscripts
• 4 teaching outlines
• 3 powerful illustration ideas for response times
• 4 Small Group Guides that include leader tips, ice breakers, and discussion questions
• 4 Powerpoint presentations that include the Scriptures, main points, and graphics.
• 4 Fill-in-the-blanks sheets for students
•A parent discussion guide
• 3 game ideas that actually go with the lessons with graphics
• Plenty of graphics for the screen and for Instagram

Note from the Author

Use this as an incredible 3 week series on identity or as a stand alone message! Everything is included no matter which way you choose to use it.

Masks We Wear

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A 3-week series (as well as a one-off option) on the different masks we wear that shroud our God-given identity.
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Sabrina Hadro

Sabrina has been doing youth ministry for 12 years. She has her bachelor's degree in Youth Ministry from Lincoln Christian University. She has staff experience both working in mega churches and at a church plant, middle school and high school, creative arts, small groups, and director roles.

Now, by day she is the momma to 2 little girls in the land of 10,000 lakes: Minnesota! Her and her husband love attending River Valley Church and currently volunteer with the local FCA. And she still loves creating resources to help other youth workers win!

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