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Whether or not Jesus rose from the dead is not an exercise in trivial pursuit, it is the foundation of our faith and our hope for the future. Jesus: Dead or Alive explores three of the many reasons why we can have great confidence that the resurrection of Christ is not just a story. Each Youth Group 2 Go lesson helps your teenagers understand, live and share their faith! These stand-alone topical studies are easy to grab and go with. Youth Group 2 Go's fully-built out lessons include an evangelism tie-in to help you keep a Gospel Advancing focus in your ministry. Each lesson's practical application will help your students be doers of the Word and not hearers only!

This PDF Includes:
• Discussion-driven Bible lesson
• Role-playing activity
• Practical application


Jesus: Dead or Alive Youth Group 2 Go

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How do I know Jesus really rose from the dead? Explore three reasons why you can have great confidence that the resurrection really happened.

For over 25 years, Greg Stier and his team at Dare 2 Share have come alongside youth leaders with training and resources to help you mobilize your teenagers to reach their generation for Christ.

We're passionate about helping your teenagers understand, live and share their faith so that every teen everywhere can hear the gospel from a friend!

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There are plenty of people who are grateful that you do what you do. Your students are, their families are, and your church is, even though they may not say it often enough. I want to say thanks on behalf of them, and model the way we need to be saying thanks to the leaders that serve alongside us—in ten different ways—through this ebook.

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