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For as long as youth ministry has existed, The Taco Bell Olympics have reigned supreme as THE PREMIERE sporting event of youth groups from every country in the world. No other event showcases raw talent, delicious ingredients, and the purity of athleticism and high fructose corn syrup like the Taco Bell Olympics.

You may be thinking, "That's dumb, I'm pretty sure they don't have Taco Bell in Mongolia." Well first of all, prove it. And second of all, if they did, you'd better believe that the Mongolian Beef Burrito would be so dank.

An instant classic, a time-honored tradition passed down from generation to generation, it's time to introduce your students to the greatest sporting event the world has ever known!

There are 4 events (with descriptions of how to play them) AND 4 intro videos: 1. Baja Blast Relay 2. Beefy 5 Layer Burrito High Jump 3. Crunchwrap Curling 4. The Loaded Griller Javelin Throw

Choose 6 Contestants to represent the 3 teams: Mild, Hot, and Fire!

What’s included:

    • Game instructions
    • Videos for the introduction of each game
    • Olympic fanfare & theme music

Taco Bell Olympics

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Fast food championship of the world! 4 different food games with video introductions
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Travis Prouty

Travis is a friend of woodland creatures and is about to be a friend of yours. This fun loving, nature-loving guy makes great content for youth workers like yourself. He has been in full time youth ministry for 5+ years, and was trained personally under the loving leadership and tutelage of DYM's very own co-founder, Josh Griffin. Despite that he turned out pretty well and makes GREAT games.

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A Personal Favorite!
We did a lock-in centered around purity and threw this game in there. We said taco bell is the best place to go on a first date and this is a great way to work on your skills for that first date. Our night was themed with battle of the sexes.

I spent $45 a tTaco Bell.

It took us about 30 minutes to get through everything.

The baja blast freeze relay took a little long. I would suggest a synchronized drinking or some quick alternative. The only hassle with this game is keeping them in slushie form.

The first round of the beefy 5 layer went great. Warming up the burrito definitely makes a difference!
For a second round, we chose to do who could get the highest toss and catch in 30 seconds. This round is incredible if you have students circle the person throwing it because they might get hit with the burrito.

For the loaded griller javelin, we had students on the side, so when the burrito fell apart, it went all over everyone.

The 12 pack of tacos is an easy relay. We had a 12 pack of hard shells and a 12 pack of soft shells. Mix up evenly. Grab 12 players for each team. Go crazy.
I've been a DYM user since "Day 1", and this is one of the funniest and most competitive events my high school ministry has event done! Beyond great item! Perfect for a summer event.
Below are my "tips & tricks":
1) We divided students into teams (mild, hot, & fire) by having them draw a sauce packet out of a paper bag (which we set up before hand to sort students onto 3 equal-ish teams)
2) All the food items from the 5 events (4 + bonus) is about $50
3) It took our group of 30 about an hour to get through all 5 events
4) Each event, I awarded 5 points for 1st, 3 points for 2nd, and 1 point for 3rd. At the end of all events, points were tallied and the winning team won "choco-tacos" (so good) and silver & bronze got regular ice cream sandwiches. It made a great end to the games, everyone sitting down and having ice cream together.
5) For the Crunchwrap Curling - deep freeze them if possible (0 degrees). I froze them and then sprayed them with water mist and froze them again so they had an ice layer that made it easier for them to slide. You'll want to do this event on a smooth, slick surface like tile or polished concrete.
6) For the bonus game "12-pack Marathon" I chose to do a 4x1 relay. Each team had 4 people who had to eat 1 taco each relay style.
7) For the Baja Blast Relay, we did "synchronized drinking" instead. Two players had to drink at the same time, if one pulled away the other had to stop as well. I put them in the deep freezer for 1 hour so they were super cold but still drinkable.
8) We gave students 2 minutes to think up team cheers, etc.
9) General rule: No one can compete twice until everyone on the team has gone, we had great participation. I explained all the games (briefly) at the beginning so students could think about which event they wanted to compete in.
10) Play Olympic music throughout (makes events 2-3x funnier and more competitive!)
Our students LOVED IT!
We used this on the weekend and it KILLED IT. Students were cheering and so stoked to get to play.

We did have to store the chalupas in the freezer so they didn't explode when we slid them.
The quality of the slides and the motion graphics is awesome. Love the intro videos to each event, really adds to the feel of the game!

We did have a tie at the end of ours and I had to create a relay on the fly which worked out pretty well. We used some burritos as batons and did a 4x4 around our room, then the 5th team member had to shuffle board a perfect bullseye to win.

All in all, really fun game. Students love it, quality slides. Boom

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