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Whether you are starting or ending a school year it can certainly seem like a time of both chaos and celebration. Kind of like an escape room, if you will?????

When the countdown timer begins, players will have 30-minutes to try to decipher a four-digit locker combo. Students may work with a partner. The goal of the game is to visit four different “classrooms” stationed by a volunteer to clarify questions students may have about puzzles (or help illuminate the answer in the case of the art class). Each class will provide a clue to one of the digits to the locker combo. There is also a final puzzle that helps distinguish the order they should go in.

Supplies Needed:
- Old locker or toolbox
- Blank Puzzles
- Invisible Ink Pens
- Programable combo locks
- Prize
- Screen to display countdown
- Pens

This bundle will help you host a fun, themed-event that will make the start or end of your school year an unforgettable event!

This Resource Includes:
• Overview and instructions document (Word file)
• 4 game puzzles (pdf & photoshop files)
• Countdown video (mp4 file)
• Photoshop graphic files for customization (Photoshop required for access)
• Title slide (jpeg file)

Note from the Author

This resource has been designed for you to be able to use it at different points in the year, so even if you can't pull it off for back to school you can still use it as an end of the year celebration! Also, be sure to read the TIPS section of the instructions document to maximize the potential of this event's theme and increase the fun factor. The more personal detail you put into it the better it will be!

Back to School / End of the Year "Escape Room"

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The most realistic themed escape room for teenagers: SCHOOL! Pop quiz puzzles, peer competition, and prizes...this resource has it all!
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I am the product of 14 years of youth ministry and a lifetime of living in the midwest. I want to see youth workers reach teenagers, and do so passionately. Feel free to contact me if you ever want to colaborate. I love connecting with other youth workers!

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