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In this one-off message, David starts off with DOUBT, maybe self-doubt, insecurity, lack of confidence, worry, anxiety… you name it. David goes from a question, to expressing a desire to know where this kind of help comes from. This leads him to an answer. The answer found in Psalms 121 that is relevant to us today. This lesson is a reminder that doubt will come, so it calls us to remember truth and to realize the security we can have in God. In this life, we will try to find rest in many things but we need to remember the true REST that only comes from God through the One who gave everything for us by sending His Son to die on the cross. It is in His Son’s name, Jesus, that we can stop being restless. We can answer our DOUBTS with TRUTH and find SECURITY and REST in the one who watches over our coming and going both now and forevermore.

What’s included:

    • Complete teaching manuscript (Word file)
    • Student handouts (printouts) for message (Word file)
    • Presentation package (PowerPoint files)
    • Small group questions


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In this packed one-off message is a reminder that doubt will come and it’s truth that leads to the secure faith we can walk with daily.
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Ramon Quintero

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