Winter Games Bundle

Winter Games Bundle

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Four awesome games that make the Winter Games in February that much better. Three are screen games that don't require sports intelligence and one printable contest game where you try to guess the winners of the games.


This is an awesome bundle of four resources that everyone will enjoy. The three screen games are sure to be a blast even if your students don't know anything about the Winter Games (we can't use the real word because it's sadly copyrighted but you know what we mean).

• Over Under, Cost of Being a Winter Games Athlete
It's expensive being a winter athlete but do your students know how expensive? Display a price and students decide if the REAL PRICE is OVER (costs more) or UNDER (costs less) the price on the screen.

• 2018 Winter Games Trivia
Do your students think they know about the Winter Games? Test their knowledge with these fun trivia questions.

• What Winter Sport
Students will see an icon of a winter games sport. Can they guess what sport it is?

• 2018 Winter Games Contest
A simple voting contest that you print out and students get the opportunity to have fun guessing the winners of specific events. Once the games are done you pick a winner and hook them up with a sweet prize.


Nate Sams