Volunteer Process Pack: UPDATED 2016

Volunteer Process Pack: UPDATED 2016

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Everything you need when moving a volunteer leader from “potential” to “actual”.


A healthy, sustainable, and strong volunteer leadership team is essential to having a healthy youth ministry. A famous youth worker once said, “You’re only as strong as your volunteer leadership team.”

Your students deserve a great leadership team and this resource will help you reach that goal. This is a classic DYM-type resource where you see great material, edit to fit your needs, save a ton of time, and make it your own. This is a well-done, thought-out resource that will solidify your volunteer process, give it structure and intention, and take it to a healthy level when bringing in new leaders.

In this resource, you will find the following documents. All documents are in Microsoft Word and are 100% editable.
1. Introduction Letter – UPDATED 2016: This letter will introduce the process and following documents to a potential volunteer in order for them to get a better understanding what a volunteer looks like in your youth ministry.
2. Job Description – UPDATED 2016: An in-depth document that lays out the exact job description for your youth ministry volunteer.
3. Leader Covenant – UPDATED 2016: An intentional and in-depth explanation of everything you expect a leader to live up to in their personal life’s and life’s as a youth worker.
4. Leader Application - UPDATED 2016 & NEW EDITABLE VERSION: The application your potential volunteer will fill out during their hiring process.
5. Background Check - UPDATED 2016 & NEW EDITABLE VERSION: The permission form you will give a potential volunteer to sign in order to gain their background information.
6. Intro Packet Email - NEW: Content to put in the body of the email you will send out to a potential volunteer with the Leader Intro Packet attached.
7. Leader Intro Packet - UPDATED 2016: A compilation of the first five files, compiled into one file that’s easy to send out to any interested volunteer leader.
8. Interview Questions - UPDATED 2016: 20 questions to ask your potential volunteer during your interview with them.
9. Author Info - NEW: You can contact the Author for questions, brainstorms, or advice as he continues to use this resource currently to hire new volunteers in his ministry.

Also included in this resource is pdf versions of the Leader Application, Background Check, and Leader Intro Packet.


Chad Merrihew