The Very Words of God…For You!

The Very Words of God…For You!

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A stand-alone topical study on the Bible that includes practical application.


The Bible is the Word of God, and when its words are trusted, it is the most powerful source of life, encouragement, peace, and guidance in a Christian's life. However, some people have objections to what's in the Bible, and it can be nerve-wracking as Christ-followers to talk with them about what we believe.

This edition of Youth Group 2 Go covers four main objections to the Bible and provides tips and questions for addressing them. By going through this lesson, students will solidify their own stances on these various issues and will learn to talk about them with unbelievers.

Each Youth Group 2 Go lesson helps your teenagers understand, live and share their faith. These stand-alone topical studies are easy to grab and go with. Youth Group 2 Go's fully built-out lessons include an evangelism tie-in to help you keep a Gospel Advancing focus in your ministry. Each lesson's practical application will help your students be doers of the Word, and not hearers only!

Big Idea: The Bible is the Word of God. It has the power to change lives, and when we have questions about the Bible we should confidently pursue their answers, because Scripture is reliable and helps us grow in wisdom and truth.

1) Miracles and Mythology, The Unbelievable New Testament
2) The Horrendously Hard Old Testament
3) All Those Pesky "Contradictions"
4) On Tattoos, Haircuts, and Earrings...

This Resource Includes:
• Opening Activity
• Discussion-driven Bible Lesson
• Reproducible Student Handout


Jane Dratz