The Questionator - Volume 3

The Questionator - Volume 3

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Using Sidekick 'Pick Me,' scroll 50 more discussion questions!


Fifty more unique get-to-know-you questions!

Next time you want to get students interacting on some fun discussion, use the Questionator to select the questions.

Using Sidekick 'Pick Me,' you can set the questions to randomly select or just make it seem like it is as you go in and manually pick the question you want.

There are 50 unique questions to choose from in each version.

This Resource Includes:
• Sidekick 'Pick Me' file
• Title slide (jpeg)
• Background slide (jpeg)

Pick Me Intro from Download Youth Ministry on Vimeo.


Derry Prenkert

20+ year youth ministry veteran, podcast host, and Disney World fanatic!