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A summer calendar that can be customized by graphic designers, both beginners and pros.


This editable summer calendar is clean and crisp. Keep parents in the loop of what's going on in your ministry by getting them this info in the best way possible. You can even add your own pictures from your group and display them in the polaroid frames. 

Does Photoshop scare you? No worries! This calendar comes with a PowerPoint version that is easy to customize and print out. 

If you like adding more effects and tweaks, then have at it! A Photoshop file is included so you can use the calendar as a foundation as you go crazy with graphics.

This Resource Includes:

  • Calendar (Photoshop file)
  • Calendar (pptx file)
  • Individual image elements (png files)
  • Font link info (Word file)



Sam Pettersen