Sudden Death Word Guess: Valentine's Edition

Sudden Death Word Guess: Valentine's Edition

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In this video-based screen game, participants attempt to be the first to solve the puzzle related to Valentine's Day, as it's revealed one letter at a time!


Each video question is a phrase related to Valentine's Day, revealed one letter at a time. The first participant or team to correctly guess the phrase wins the round!

For each puzzle, award points to the winning contestant or team based on how many blanks are left. Example: 4 blanks left = 4,000 points.

Gameplay options:
• Divide your group into teams; have players from each team come to the front and play against each other. They can just shout out the answer or have them stop the video for them to guess. If they get it wrong, the other team gets to answer.
• Play and pause the video to reveal one letter at a time; give teams or team members the chance to guess the answer, alternating between teams. Reveal letters until one team answers correctly.
• Everyone plays; the first person to shout out the correct answer wins the round.

This Resource Includes:
• Individual (10 Rounds) video clips (mp4 files)
• Title slide (jpeg file)


Matt Moseley