Student Safety Policy

Student Safety Policy

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This policy is designed to protect your students, your leaders and the integrity of your ministry and can be adapted to fit your ministry!


Editor's note: "I hate that this is a thing and I love that it is a thing. This is really well done and all student ministries should have some form of document like this."

This Student Safety Policy is a document for your staff and volunteer leaders that protects your students, your leaders and the integrity of your ministry. The 10-page document gives a clear and detailed description of how adults should interact with students both in-person and online, from weekly ministry environments to out-of-town events. It has been researched by some of the best student ministries around the country and reviewed by a lawyer. It includes policies for: transportation, social media/technology, overnight events, sexually-oriented conversations, discipline and more.

This Resource Includes:
• How to use this resource document (Word file)
• Student Safety Policy (Word file)
• Leader sign-off form (Word file)
• Graphic (jpeg file)


Jamie Willis