So You Have A Friend Who Is A Mormon…

So You Have A Friend Who Is A Mormon…

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A detailed description of the differences between Mormonism and Christianity.


What exactly do Mormons believe? Is Mormonism just another form of Christianity? Why is Mormonism so controversial?

Through a careful, well-researched, and thorough summary of what Mormons believe, Richard Abanes simplifies what are often viewed as complex and confusing doctrines. It outlines the Mormon views on God, the Trinity, Jesus Christ, human nature, sin, salvation, and the afterlife. Especially important is how this informational tool avoids sensationalism and mockery when dealing with Mormon beliefs, but instead, simply outlines the facts so that those who are curious can explore what their Mormon friends believe and why they believe it. And to counter any doubts about what is presented, Abanes uses primary documents/quotations from leaders of the Mormon Church.

Richard is the author of several books that deal with faith topics and belief systems.

Note from the Editor: This essay was written to explain how the beliefs of Mormonism are incompatible with the beliefs of Christianity. It’s a very academic, detailed, and informative essay that is a valuable read for youth workers, pastors, or mature high school students who are curious about what Mormons believe. It would be easy to reformat this content into a brochure-type piece and make it available to interested students.