Small Talks 2.0 COVID-19 Edition

Small Talks 2.0 COVID-19 Edition

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A simple plan to train potential teachers and student leaders to give 'small talks' in your youth ministry during COVID-19.


A great resource to use during COVID-19 as we are forced into virtual meetings. You can use this resource to encourage student and adult leaders in your youth group who you believe have the potential to teach or pursue more ministry opportunities in the future.

It also helps the youth pastor know how to coach a potential teacher in the preparation and execution of a short lesson. You’ll get:

• The what, who, when, why, and how of small talks.
• A coaching outline.
• Tips for small talks.
• A list of potential small talks topics.
• Two different sample messages.

This Resource Includes:
• Complete Small Talks document (Word file)
• Three different Small Talks sample devotionals (Word files)


Kyle Bjerga