SLC 2017 Game Bundle

SLC 2017 Game Bundle

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What makes a great youth ministry game? These are all winners!


After more than 20 years in the trenches, Josh Griffin has played more than a thousand youth ministry games.

He knows a thing or two about what makes a winning game and believes the best games have (at least) three things in common:

1) Involves everyone in the room
2) Has a funny or clever concept
3) Makes you laugh along the way

We played some INCREDIBLE games that fit all these qualifications at our three DYM’s Student Leadership Conferences this month. And now they’re all available in the DYM store! Get all of them in one low-price bundle and enjoy!

• Encore
• Kid Drawings
• 4 Corners: Plague Edition
• 12 in 12 Vol 3
• YouTube Showdown Bundle
• Ice Cream: Real or Fake
• Wax or Real


Derry Prenkert


Ken Mcintyre


Chad Merrihew


Jamie Starrett


Jessica McDonald


Joshua Erickson


Nick Clason


Ryan Jantz

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