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Show and Tell Online pairs Sidekick and Zoom to get students sharing memories, stories, and parts of their lives with the whole group!


This is a fun game to play during any Zoom call with your students. Get your students talking about themselves and their things!! Sidekick 'Pick Me' will choose the show and tell items, students will find them, and share them with the whole group!! Choose one student to share or have everyone get an item to hold up and you decide who is going to show and tell that round!

Gameplay Options:
Option 1: Single play
Chose a student, spin the picker and when it lands on an item, they must bring back the item and tell about it to the whole group.

Option 2: All-play
Spin the picker and the item it lands on everyone must go find the item and hold it up to their camera. You choose a person to share about their item.

This Resource Includes:
• Sidekick 'Pick Me' file
• Title and background slides (jpeg files)


Anthony Taylor