Pot-O-Gold Game Bundle

Pot-O-Gold Game Bundle

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Test your luck with this screen game trivia trifecta, and see what you find at the end of the rainbow.


Included in this screen game bundle are:
Fact or Fiction St Patrick's Day Edition: See how much you really know about the day we remember the shamrock slinging, salvation preaching, patron saint of Ireland.

Go Green: In the spirit of St. Patty’s Day students must show how green they really are. They’ll determine whether random objects can be recycled or not.

Lucky Charms: Luck is a funny thing. See if your students can determine which items are considered lucky.

Included in each game is
¥ Complete PowerPoint game file
¥ Alternative Keynote version game file
¥ Individual (Q&As + instructions + titles) game slides (jpeg files)


Andrew Larsen


Timothy Miller