Love Ninja

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A five-week series (with optional bonus week) on love, sex, and dating. Train your students to become Love Ninjas!


The goal of this series is to help train students to become "Love Ninjas." These five or six message will teach students what real love is (contrary to all the counterfeits the world calls "love") and how relationships work (and don't work) from the perspective of God's Word. (Plus, ninjas are awesome.) God is the original Love Grandmaster—He IS love. God invented love, sex, romance, and relationships. This resource can be used this as a standard 5-week (and optional 6th bonus week) series in youth group, or as the morning sessions at a week of youth camp, or in a long weekend intensive study. It's aimed primarily at high school, but you can adapt it for junior high or college students, as well.

Week 1 - Call Me Maybe You were made to live in relationship.

Week 2 - Shake It Off How to Get Into A Terrible Relationship, or How to Ruin A Great Relationship Never-fail Relationship Killers How to Tell if You're in a Bad Romance How to Break up Well

Week 3 - What a Girl Wants (and What a Guy Needs) Guys and Girls Don't Just Have Different Parts Why Are Guys Jerks? Why Are Girls Weird? How to Find and Keep the Really Good Ones Without Messing It Up

Week 4 - Sexy Back Looking at Sexuality Through a New LINS ("Love Is Not Sex") Does God hate sex? How far is too far? Is safe sex safe? Girl Porn/Guy Porn

Week 5 - Put a Ring on It Finding Love That Lasts for a Lifetime

Week 6 (optional) - Answering Questions (This is my lesson plan for answering the major questions we got during the series. Yours will vary, but you'll likely get some of the same questions we got. There is a major section on sexting/asking for and receiving explicit photos, etc.)

This Resource Includes:
• Love Ninja animated trailer with a voice-over by Scott Rummell, THE Hollywood movie-trailer guy!
• Original Love Ninja character to use in all your print and web material
• 5 weeks of Message manuscripts
• 5 weeks of Student outlines
• 5 weeks of Small group discussion guides
• 5 weeks of Message PowerPoints
• 1 Optional bonus week
• 1 bonus message to be taught in "big church" on this theme


Jim Purtle