Family Trivia Game Night - Expansion Pack / Volume Two

Family Trivia Game Night - Expansion Pack / Volume Two

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An event package to bring families together - ideal for online ministry! This hit is back for more with 60 trivia questions, a bumper video, graphics for subsequent rounds, script, and updates to the instructions and tutorial videos. Families will thank you for such a thoughtful and fun night designed for them!


Families, youth pastors, and even teachers are raving about how engaging Family Trivia Game Night has been, so we're giving them more!

If you enjoyed the first Family Trivia Game Night and have been waiting for fresh content to throw your next event, this is the answer! If you haven't tried the first edition, you can start with this one and you'll have everything you need to run a great event!

This expanded version has these new elements:
• 60 NEW questions (that work for an intergenerational audience - not an easy task!) with even more creative options like ‘complete the lyrics…’. and new fill in the blank answers
• 10-second bumper video
• A pre-game script to make you sound like a pro
• Updates to the instructions and Sidekick files to make everything more clear
• Title graphics for your next three rounds

This game mixes Kahoot with Sidekick to have families compete against each other creating an incredible moment for family members to root for one another. This is great to play in a room or online using a platform like Zoom! All detailed instructions, including how to set up the game in Kahoot, are provided.

NOTE: This is not a plug-and-play game that can be set up in five minutes, but it CAN be a substitute for an entire Wednesday evening or used as an entire event another day during the week. It will take you about an hour to feel ready to go, but, again, it can be a substitute for an entire evening of programming.

This Resource Includes:
• Gameplay instructions document (Word file) with a link to the Kahoot 60-Question game file you can use PLUS video instructions on how to create/ duplicate your own quizzes on Kahoot.
• Gameplay script to help you teach others how to play (Word file)
• Tutorial video (mp4 file)
• Sidekick 'Countdown' file
• Sidekick 'Presenter' file
• Title and promo graphics (Original, round 2-5, and blank promo) (jpeg files)
• Bumper video (mp4 file)


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