Defy: Surface Issues

Defy: Surface Issues

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A 6-week series on surface issues


Designed as the next step for students after the Launch Series. This tool gets students looking inward as they focus on gaining freedom through God's word. This is a great tool for teaching students about the influence of media, healthy relationships, dating standards, forgiveness and much more.

The R Factor is a six part series on relationships. These teachings are fundamental to you navigating through life successfully. Everything in life will come down to your relationships. If you have the knowledge to "live out" healthy relationships with God and others, you will be well equipped for a fulfilled life.

The "R" Factor Part 1: Friends
The "R" Factor Part 2: What Women Want
"God's Plan for Relationships"
The "R" Factor Part 3: What Guys Want
"God's plan for relationships"
The "R" Factor Part 4: Standards for Dating
The "R" Factor Part 5: Walking in Forgiveness
'Walking in Forgiveness' Matthew 18:21-35
R-Factor Part 6, The 'S' Word: SEX
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