Break Free

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A 5-Week Curriculum on Dealing with Temptation


Break Free is a 5-week curriculum series perfect for Sunday School or Small Groups. It's easy to see life's problems as traps that are unavoidable, but God invites us to break free--we don't have to be trapped! Like Isaiah, the book of Jeremiah is one of judgment. And while it can be viewed as doom and gloom, God's offer of hope and provision are found throughout. So don't be trapped--break free!

  • Week 1: Stop backsliding and return to God
  • Week 2: Be careful not to put religious thinking and religious habits before God
  • Week 3: Beware of the dangers of pride
  • Week 4: Rebellion leads to ruin
  • Week 5: God knows what's going on--even if your world is falling apart
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    Gregg Farah