Back to School / End of the Year "Escape Room"

Back to School / End of the Year "Escape Room"

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The most realistic themed escape room for teenagers: SCHOOL! Pop quiz puzzles, peer competition, and prizes...this resource has it all!


Whether you are starting or ending a school year it can certainly seem like a time of both chaos and celebration. Kind of like an escape room, if you will?????

When the countdown timer begins, players will have 30-minutes to try to decipher a four-digit locker combo. Students may work with a partner. The goal of the game is to visit four different “classrooms” stationed by a volunteer to clarify questions students may have about puzzles (or help illuminate the answer in the case of the art class). Each class will provide a clue to one of the digits to the locker combo. There is also a final puzzle that helps distinguish the order they should go in.

Supplies Needed:
- Old locker or toolbox
- Blank Puzzles
- Invisible Ink Pens
- Programable combo locks
- Prize
- Screen to display countdown
- Pens

This bundle will help you host a fun, themed-event that will make the start or end of your school year an unforgettable event!

This Resource Includes:
• Overview and instructions document (Word file)
• 4 game puzzles (pdf & photoshop files)
• Countdown video (mp4 file)
• Photoshop graphic files for customization (Photoshop required for access)
• Title slide (jpeg file)