A Season in the Minors

A Season in the Minors

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6 message outlines on the minor prophets!


Have you ever noticed that certain parts of the Bible tend to get ignored in most teaching plans? The minor prophets is definitely one of those sections of scripture. This series will shed some light on why they are included in the Bible and show how they apply to life today as much as more popular passages. These are message outlines, ready for you to take to the finish line and teach on these key but almost unknown Biblical figures!

Week 1: Common questions about the Minors
What exactly is a prophet? Why don't we have prophets today? How do I read and apply prophetic scripture? These are all questions that are addressed and answered in this first week as you lay the foundation for the series.

Week 2: Haggai
Haggai addresses standing up for God in un-Godly environments, following through with what God has asked us to do, the blessings of obedience, and the consequences of disobedience.

Week 3: Habakkuk
Mad at God? Questioning His timing? Think you have better ideas than God? So did Habakkuk. There is a lot to learn from how he responds.

Week 4: Jonah
God has a specific plan for all of us, but often times we struggle to fulfill that plan, we even run from doing what we know is right. Just like Jonah. Or we accept God's forgiveness for ourselves, but get mad when God does the same for someone else's "worse" sin. Just like Jonah. There is a lot more to his story than fish puke.

Week 5: Amos
Empty religious rituals, complacency, pride, and compromising on God's standards have the future of God's followers in serious jeopardy. Instead of using God's blessings for His glory they are squandered for personal gain. God can use anyone to turn people back to genuine relationship; He picks Amos.

Week 6: Hosea
If God asked you to marry a prostitute what would be your reaction? If after you marry her she leaves you for her old life, then God tells you to buy her back, would you do it? Hosea did. We have all committed spiritual adultery against God, and He has bought us back time and time again because of His love. What is your response to His love?

Brian Seidel