7 Customizable Youth Ministry Calendars

7 Customizable Youth Ministry Calendars

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Your summer calendar, designed.


Let us save you some time and energy on your summer calendar so you can put even more time and energy towards mastering Flappy Crowd! Or, instead of spending countless hours searching "free editable summer calendar" on Google, (which will get you nothing... trust us - we tried it!) buy one of these fully editable/customizable calendars that already has 83.2% of the work done for you. Just find the file size and "look" that you like, make a few tweaks, and send it off to a printer! Bam. Done.

Trust us when we tell you that editing these files will be a piece of cake, even for a photoshop NEWBIE!


NOTE: Some of the design elements in this resource were created by another graphic designer. The author of this resource has obtained permission to resell this work. DYM is committed to the highest standards of integrity.

NOTE: this resource includes files that require ADOBE photoshop or illustrator (or similar software). You will not be able to edit these resources without the proper software applications.


SEVEN different styles to choose from!

This Resource Includes:
• 7 layered Photoshop files
• A Word Document that outlines all the specifics: file size, finished size, bleeds, color mode, estimated printing costs, and even the fonts used within the project AND links to download the fonts for free!


jason pogue