3-Game Bundle Pack!

3-Game Bundle Pack!

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3 awesome youth group games!


Making a mess and memories at the same time! Place any (messy) food on a baseball tee. Students take turns hitting those items in to the crowd. (Ideas: bag of chips, bowl of ping pong balls, bananas or other fruit, bag of whip cream/ shaving cream/chocolate syrup/pudding, water balloons, paper bowl of relish.) Aiming at the targets in the crowd: 3 people holding hula hoops. The best part: No athletic ability required!


This guessing game is hilarious! Especially for the crowd…and the leaders. Bring a student up front and give him/her ten seconds to “name anything”. At the end of 10 seconds, the host says, “Oh, no…sorry! We were looking for ____________!” and put the drawing/answer on the screen. (It’s a game that can’t be won…but will keep the room laughing with every attempt!)


This group games is great for getting students moving around! Break the group in to team of 3 to 5. Groups must work together to recreate the movie poster that comes up on the screen. (The trick: everyone in the group must participate.) Have a judge wander the groups and choose a winner—or use this as an ice breaker and everyone wins!

DYM Team

DYM Team

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