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This resource has a whopping 40 questions about Big Game LIV and the teams that will be playing. Part trivia, part predictions, this is a sure-fire way to get your PREGAME party going! Includes a complete Sidekick 'Presenter' game version.


These are fun predictions to make… and we’ve got a quiz that allows your kids to test their Big Game knowledge as well as their ability to make these predictions before the game begins!

Note: This interactive activity means the correct answers unfold as the game does! You or another leader will need to watch closely to mark the correct answers during the game. It's a fun way to keep students engaged in real-time!

This Resource Includes:
• Complete PowerPoint game file
• SideKick 'Presenter' game file
• Individual (40 Qs + instructions) game slides (jpeg files)
• Title slide (jpeg file)
• Blank game slide for customization (jpeg file)
• Printable versions of the Quiz - questions and answer keys (Word and PDF files)


Jonathan McKee

Todd Pearage

Todd Pearage

Todd and his wife Lynda have created a ministry for youth pastors and spouses called The Youth Leader Oasis.