By Frank Gil

This Sidekick 'Emoji Hunt' game will have your students racing to be the first to guess the Toy Story character based on the emojis on the screen.

By Jeff Selph

A lightsaber-specific Star Wars trivia game that you'll want to keep on hand.

By Derry Prenkert

A Sidekick-driven trivia game great for Zoom or other online platform in this COVID-19 season where participants figure out what is happening behind the mask that someone (or something) is wearing.

By Matthew Sawyer

Who would have thought that Buddy the Elf could teach us some truth about the gospel? Have fun and show students the true reason for the season with this one-off message!

By Anthony Taylor

This is a great game to move your group into deeper community, greater empathy while having some laughs along the way. The questions range throughout SURFACE level to SERIOUS to SPIRITUAL depth.

By DYM Team

In this screen-based game, your students will have a ton of fun trying to recreate these famous artworks on their own. Creativity is encouraged! This game is ready for your next Zoom meeting or throughout the week engagement over Instagram.

By DJ Cronrath

All you need for a Sidekick trivia night with 50 questions, two bonus tiebreaker questions, a scorecard, and background graphics. Categories cover Entertainment (movies and music), Disney, and Bible!

By David Rutledge

Celebrate old times and your seniors with a screen-based trivia quiz about the year they were born. Eighteen years ago, the year was 2002.

By Justin McCoy

Communicate important information while entertaining your group with Improv Announcements using volunteers and this Sidekick "Boxes" file.

By Nick Clason

A classic youth ministry game. A camp item will show on the screen, and the first student to bring it to the front, wins!

By Matt Moseley

In this Sidekick 'Photo Fury' game, players can point up, down, right, or left, but if they're pointing in the same direction the hand on the screen is pointing when it stops, they're out!

By Matt Adams

This entertaining Halloween themed Sidekick App game starts with the crowd standing and then they have to sit on down whatever pops up on the screen.

By Isaac Leimeister

An all-in-one resource to pull off a great online family trivia game night with Kahoot, Zoom, and Sidekick.

By Matthew McNutt

A fun trivia-based screen game about our favorite furry potatoes! Includes versions for in-person, Zoom, and Instagram stories!

By Derry Prenkert

What better way to pass time in quarantine than making lists on your next online game time? In this screen game, students compete by making Coronavirus quarantine-themed lists. A great Sidekick game over Zoom!

By Isaac Leimeister

People of all ages will love this fast-paced cheese-eating game. Even people who don't live in Wisconsin will say "Now I know my A-B-Cheese."

By Matt Baker

A ready-to-go game for 4 different Sidekick builders: Survey Says, Pixelate, Wheel of Destiny & Trivia!

By Isaac Leimeister & Jerry Heinold

An event package to bring families together - ideal for online ministry! This hit is back for more with 60 trivia questions, a bumper video, graphics for subsequent rounds, script, and updates to the instructions and tutorial videos. Families will thank you for such a thoughtful and fun night designed for them!