By Joel Studdard

Use the Sidekick App to test your students’ knowledge of all things Halloween.

By Justin Knowles

Hilarious and epic version of Bingo using Sidekick! Find out how to get Sidekick!

By DYM Team

Original versions of all 45 files that come included with Sidekick.

By DYM Team

A new Sidekick 'Pick Me' game for socially distanced students secluded in their homes, ideal for online ministry with an interactive platform like Zoom! A qualifier shows up. If it's true for participants, they, put a finger up. The first one to get 10 wins.

By Derry Prenkert

Time for your students to decide who or what is the greatest of all time, in this Sidekick 'Presenter' game. Whether they vote with your head or heart, they should be prepared to defend their answers.

By James Howard

In this Sidekick 'Emoji Hunt' game, students attempt to correctly identify classic Christmas Song titles by deciphering the on-screen emojis.

By Derry Prenkert

50 rounds of the classic youth min game all centered on Christmas

By Kendall Yeaton

A Sidekick "Survey Says" screen game to welcome in the fall season with your students!

By Bryan Krauss

A Sidekick 'Survey Says' screen game to celebrate the Christmas season with your group!

By Jonathan Owen

This fast-paced guessing game will have contestants competing to be the first to name the animated movie described by the handful of emojis on the screen.

By Heather McNutt & Matthew McNutt

A fun collection of hilarious and weird photos that kids can compete to come up with the best caption! Includes two versions for Instagram and Zoom.

By Derry Prenkert

Looking for some fun, but also want to help get your students healthily expressing themselves during your worship times? This Sidekick 'Photo Fury' game + devotional is for you!

By Nick Clason

A classic youth ministry game. An item will show on the screen, and the first student to bring it to the front, wins.

By Derry Prenkert

Five ready-to-play Pixelate Sidekick files in one amazing download!

By Aaron McMillian

Scupltionary is a fun twist on the classic game of Pictionary. Instead of drawing a word and having teams guess, this game uses Play-Doh with smaller teams to sculpt the clue!

By Matt Baker

How much do your students know about the beach? Play this Sidekick "Survey Says" game and find out.

By DYM Team

A Halloween Trivia game for all using Sidekick

By Derry Prenkert

Back for another round! A Sidekick-driven trivia game where participants figure out what is happening behind the mask that someone (or something) is wearing. A great game during this season of online ministry!