By Jordan Floro & Tony Villafane

Volume 2 just got much wilder. Play through these quarantine-related "would you rather..." questions and see how insane your students become when tested with these new and crazy questions around food, Zoom, things to do around the house, and so much more.

By Ken Leslie

Use your social media story's poll feature to engage your students through the week.

By Derry Prenkert

Use your social media story to let students decide if they agree or disagree with these Hot Takes.

By Ty Hogue

Volume 3 of the hit "Quarantine Bingo!" Get your students to have a little fun as they are at home during the quarantine!

By Ty Hogue

Keep spirits up with Week 4 of "Quarantine Bingo!" Mix up the prizes or do a stunt to change it up.

By Tim Wildsmith

This summer edition of STORY CHARADES is a new take on the hit game Crowd Charades in which you play the game with your students on Instagram Stories!

By Ty Hogue

Unleash everyone into summer with a new list of bingo activities!

By Frank Gil

Stock Exchange is the silliest photo scavenger hunt using fun stock photos from the internet.