By Matt Baker

Be the first one to text in the Thanksgiving emojis on the screen in the correct order and win a prize!!

By Andrew Yakel

How can students become more thankful in their lives? This one-off message from Psalms 118 will teach them how.

By Justin Knowles

We all love Thanksgiving, but do you know the basic everyday facts about the Holiday? Use the Sidekick App to quiz your students on Turkey Day Trivia!

By Nick Clason

Everyone loves Thanksgiving, or do they? Learn your students' 'loves' and 'hates' by playing this screen game!

By Jeff Selph

This DYM Sidekick 'Wheel of Destiny' game helps you engage everyone in your group in giving thanks in fun, creative ways.

By Alex Hall & Andrew Randolph

Can you guess the top answers to these Fall survey questions?

By Tim Wildsmith & Anne Peyton Baker

A complete one-off message that encourages students through the Psalms to view Thanksgiving as an opportunity to honestly reflect and thank God for what He has taught them this year.

By Matt Baker

Have you ever played tag before? How about turkey tag? Probably not!

By Allison Williams

Which celebrity tweeted what message to their followers to celebrate Thanksgiving? You'll find out in this trivia-based Sidekick game!

By Tim Wildsmith

Contestants guess the answer as the ENTIRE audience acts out the onscreen clue silently.

By Wes Wilson

In the third edition of this screen game, see if your students can figure which products have been pumpkin spiced. Have fun!

By Matt Baker

The sequel you have been waiting for is finally here! Find out how much your students know about turkeys!

By Bobby Cooley

Instagram Scripture posts about Thanksgiving.

By Tim Wildsmith

A ready-to-use pack of modern and cool inspirational images for social media.

By Justin Knowles

A one-off message (perfect for Thanksgiving season) that explores how true thanksgiving is more than many students think. It requires a sacrifice and time.

By Nick Clason

Engage your students through social media and Instagram with these ready-to-go, National Holiday graphics.

By Derry Prenkert

A game where students guess if a random holiday in November is real or not.

By Caleb O'Neel

A screen game that displays statements about Thanksgiving and students must decide if the statement is a Truth or a Lie.