By Jonathan Holmes

Pollsters is a great screen game where students must guess what percent of people... and the audience responds by sitting, standing, or laying down!

By Wes Wilson

The sequel to the classic screen game where students must figure out if the cooked bird they see is a turkey, duck or chicken. Oh, and watch out for other random poultry.

By Brock Odell & John Lindsey

From one of the makers of Dead Cat comes a Thanksgiving-themed 'Hot Potato'... but with turkey, of course!

By Sam Pettersen

Four editable "Thank You" postcards

By Bob Rinella

A Thanksgiving small group study that explores how to be thankful regardless of our circumstances.

By Sabrina Hadro

This one-off Thanksgiving message package is all about complaining! Using plenty of illustrations, challenge your students to look at Thanksgiving from a different angle.

By Micah Roddy

A one-off message for Thanksgiving using 1 Thessalonians 5:16–18, discussing how to give thanks in all situations. 

By Lori Bunk

Six interactive Thanksgiving reflection stations with questions, Scripture, and interactive experiences at each stop.

By Adam Van Arsdale

Turn any respectable Friends-giving celebration into a Foes-giving as individuals or teams compete to discover the top answers given to all things Thanksgiving-related in this Sidekick 'Survey Says' game.

By Tim Wildsmith

This Thanksgiving edition of STORY CHARADES is a new take on the hit game Crowd Charades in which you play the game with your students on Instagram Stories!

By Matt Baker

Thanksgiving dinner wouldn't be the same without stuffing! In this Sidekick 'Pixelate' game, students attempt to identify whether a pixelated image is a picture of stuffing or another food item.

By Ryan Jantz

In this screen game, test your students’ eyes for ice cream, seeing if they can tell the difference between the real thing or mashed potatoes.

By Martin Leathers

In Movember Madness, students cast their votes on Instagram deciding which celebrities rocked their moustaches better!

By Matthew Eyler

Perfect for the autumn season. How well do you know the name of gourds?

By Matt Adams

This Sidekick 'Photo Fury' screen game is a Thanksgiving edition of the classic "sit down if" game.

By Kendall Yeaton

A Sidekick 'Survey Says' game to welcome in the Thanksgiving season!

By Matt Baker

Be the first person to say what you are thankful for based on the topic on the screen.

By Matt Adams

In this Sidekick 'Photo Fury' game, students use phones to snap a picture of the screen and attempt to catch a picture of a turkey as different graphics flash by.