By Andrew Larsen & Timothy Miller

Everything you need for your Thanksgiving program: a message, a small group guide, a game and more.

By Chad Merrihew & Jessica McDonald

Everything necessary for hosting an “intentional” Thanksgiving party for your youth ministry.

By Cassandra Smith

21 ready-to-upload thankfulness images with typography overlay of verses and quotes.

By DYM Team


By Gregg Farah

creative prayerful worship experience

By Jenna Bush

A puzzle and scavenger hunt game. Students will team up to solve the puzzles and find the code to unlock the box.

By Ben Read

A 5-minute countdown video featuring Thanksgiving-themed "would you rather" questions.

By Matt Moseley

In this video-based screen game, participants attempt to be the first to solve the puzzle related to Thanksgiving, as the scrambled words are revealed one letter at a time!

By Matt Moseley

In this video-based screen game, participants attempt to be the first to solve the Thanksgiving-related phrase, as it's revealed one letter at a time!

By Sam Pettersen

Motion transition videos that will pumpkin spice your service up.

By Sam Pettersen

If the Bible could be Pumpkin Spice flavored, this would be the way to do it. Catch your student's attention with these one of a kind animations.

By Matt Moseley

In this simple video-based screen game, players try to guess what the Thanksgiving-related number represents.

By Ronald Long

"Not Bitter But Better" is a one-off message to help your students think about how they can turn their thoughts about themselves into thoughts about being thankful.

By Richard Fleck

How do you give thanks when your life is in ruin? In this one-off message, equip your students to learn how to give thanks from the account of Nehemiah's life.

By Kendall Yeaton

Everybody loves the Thanksgiving meal, but what about a Thanksgiving Smoothie?! Use Sidekick's 'Wheel of Destiny' and 'Trivia' for this epic food challenge!

By Jenna Bush

A simple and fun turkey-themed Scavenger Hunt Game that your students will love!

By Andrew Larsen & Timothy Miller

In these two screen game volumes, see if your students can guess why Jimmy Fallon is sending out thank you notes.

By Allison Williams

Looking for an interactive way to teach a Thanksgiving lesson? Throw on a fanny pack, grab a few props you likely have laying around your office, and up your holiday message game!