By John Kryvoruka & Steve Gold

In this video-driven screen game, students must decide if the people at-tempting sweet tricks into the pool ‘nail’ or ‘fail’ the jump.

By Matthew McNutt & Heather McNutt

In this Sidekick 'Presenter' game, there are hilarious actual quotes from dads and grads! Kids will compete to see who can identify the most 'dad jokes' and 'grad quotes.' Includes versions for in-person, online and Zoom, and on Instagram.

By Todd Jones

Decide whether the name given is the name of a Star Wars character or a professional athlete. Hilarious!

By Derry Prenkert

Wizards vs. the Force. Participants debate to find the winner

By Andrew Larsen & Timothy Miller

A complete night of programming to send off your graduating seniors with a challenge from Joshua 24 that they wont forget.

By Chris Hargrove & Jamie Willis

A one-off message to remind students of who they are in Christ and challenge them to live like the new person God created them to be.

By Derry Prenkert

A game where students guess if a random holiday in May is real or not.

By DYM Team

This fun evening CRUSHED at Doug & Josh's church. Give it a shot! Exclusive to gold members!

By Kena Newkirk

Part one of an adapted social media devotion designed as a panoramic view of God's story of salvation beginning with Genesis.

By Anthony Taylor

A screen game where students decide which war the battle is from..Is it a Star Wars battle or a Revolutionary War battle!! May the Force be with you!

By Sabrina Hadro

A 3-week series is about dropping certain things in order to find true life in Jesus.

By Christopher Frakes

You choose!

By Tim Wildsmith

A one-off message and small group guide based on Matthew 11:28-30 that encourages students to rest in Jesus.

By Tim Wildsmith

CROWD CHARADES is a game where contestants must guess the answer as the ENTIRE audience acts out the onscreen clue silently. This edition is filled with characters from your favorite galaxy far far away!

By Scott Nichols

Can you tell the difference between a Bible verse or a quote from Yoda? Tested your skills will be.

By Tim Wildsmith

Crowd Charades is a game where contestants must guess the answer as the ENTIRE audience acts out the onscreen clue silently.

By Jonathan Owen

In this screen game, students attempt to identify the movie based on a one star review from Amazon users.

By Ken Leslie

Get the whole crowd acting out items from a galaxy far, far away.